The National Association of Folk Universities was founded on February 23, 1993 through the collaboration of more than 100 Romanian folk universities out of 360.

Nicolae Iorga


ANUP is a member of EAEA (European Association of Adult Education). In more than 10 years of activity, ANUP has developed a strong collaboration with the german organization IIZ-DVV (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband, the Association of German Folk Universities), and with adult education specialists from Great Britain, Denmark, Hungary, Austria and Belgium

ANUP has organized many workshops, conferences and training of trainers sessions. These educational activities have put into debate various subjects, such as ecology, political education, teaching foreign languages, cultural management.

Being organized as a NGO, ANUP is working together with othe NGOs, with women NGOs, NGOs for people with disability, training providers and other organizations involved in adult education field.

ANUP is equally an active organization in legal field. It constantly strives for the promulgation of an Adult Education Law. ANUP is looking to conscientizate the civil society, the politicians, the Romanian government and the political parties about the real importance of adult education field's recognition. ANUP is stating that adult education is a vital concept for political and social life's stability.


  • To work out a national strategy regarding adult education;
  • To train adult education specialists;
  • To work out and distribute educational materials (written, multimedia and online);
  • To promote scientific research;
  • To assist technically and help the folk universities and Cultural houses;
  • To permanently promote, at a local, national and international level, adult education.

Founding Members

  • dr. Ellinor Haase, Member of Honour
  • Breaza Cultural House
  • Cultural House - Cluj-Napoca
  • Cultural House - Găeşti
  • Cultural House - Ploieşti
  • Labor Workers' Cultural House - Sibiu
  • The Association for Worldwide Romanians' Unity
  • Ministry of Culture
  • The School of Arts from Baia Mare
  • "Dante Alighieri" Society
  • "Romanian-Catalan" Society
  • Hunedoara Cultural House
  • Free University - Cluj-Napoca
  • Folk University - Beiuş
  • Folk University - Brad
  • Folk University - Brăila
  • Folk University - Bucureşti
  • Folk University - Călăraşi
  • Folk University - Constanţa
  • Cultural House - Deva
  • Folk University - Giurgiu
  • Cultural House - Haţeg
  • Cultural House - Orăştie
  • Folk University - Ploieşti
  • Cultural House - Satu-Mare
  • Folk University (Association) Slobozia
  • Folk University - Târgu-Jiu
  • Folk University - Târgu-Mureş
  • Folk University - Vatra-Dornei
  • Vasile Andru, writer
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